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Counselor’s Corner

Kid Chat and Anonymous Alerts

Urgent concerns requiring police or ambulance, dial 911.

See Something, Say Something graphic.

The Conroe ISD Police Department monitors Kid Chat and Anonymous Alerts 24/7 to receive and react to information relating to drugs, weapons, fighting, bullying, and other crimes or fears of possible crimes occurring on our campuses. The 1-888-Kid Chat (543-2428) phone line provides students, parents, and personnel an avenue for becoming a Silent Hero. The process ensures confidentiality and anonymity of the callers’ identity.
Anonymous Alerts (login: conroeisd) allows reports to be sent with a screenshot, photo, video.

What Do Counselors Do?

Grangerland Intermediate School Counselors advocate for the safety and well-being of all students, while supporting the guidance curriculum that is designed to help students acquire knowledge and skills within the scope of social and emotional development, academic success, and college & career awareness.


Counseling is a valuable resource used to develop skills that promote coping, character-building, and problem-solving that support a strong emotional approach to life. Small group counseling sessions are provided for children who support each other with changes or problems in their lives. In addition, a child may see the school counselor for short-term individual counseling or during a family crisis.

Meet Your Grangerland Counselors