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2015 – 2016

Dear Panther Band Students and Parents,
        Welcome to the Grangerland Intermediate Band Program.  It is with great pride and enthusiasm that we introduce the program to you!  This handbook will be beneficial in explaining all of the policies and procedures that will be in use throughout the coming school year.
        After reading the material carefully, please sign the “Handbook Signature” form found at the end of this handbook.  It is required that each student in the Grangerland Intermediate Band Program have a signed “Handbook Signature” form on file.  Please retain the body of the handbook for reference throughout the year.
        You will also find the T-Shirts order form at the end of this handbook.  Please complete and return the Handbook Signature form by SEPTEMBER 11th  and the T-Shirt order form by TBA.
        If you have any questions, concerns, or praises about the Grangerland Band, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail.  We would also like to extend an invitation for parents to visit their child’s band class to observe them learning the art of music.  If a parent would like to visit, make sure that you stop by the front office and get a visitor’s badge from our school secretary.  We hope this booklet answers any questions you might have so that your 2015 - 2016  band experience is a successful one!

Your Panther Band Directors,
        Duane Grewe,  dgrewe@conroeisd.net
        Royce Creech,  rcreech@conroeisd.net
        James Butler,  jebutler@conroeisd.net

Contact information:
Address:        16283 FM 3083
                Conroe, TX 77302

Phone:  936-709-3500  Grangerland Intermediate School Phone

                        Band Director Phone and Web Page
                                       Available 8:15-8:30am/3:45-4:15pm       
936-709-3500 Duane Grewe
936- 709-3500 Royce Creech
936-709-3500 James Butler,

Feeder Directors:

Grangerland Intermediate School

Scope and Sequence


The Panther Band Program at Grangerland Intermediate School, with the support of our principals, operates under the following philosophy:

        The Grangerland Intermediate School Band Program is designed to prepare each student for success through preparation, dedication, discipline and team work.  It is our goal to prepare our band students to successfully participate and perform not only in the Grangerland Intermediate Band, but to also have success throughout their careers in the Moorhead Junior High and Caney Creek High School Band programs.  



1.  To develop the technical and musical skills necessary to play a musical instrument as a solo instrument and as a member of an ensemble.

2.  To promote the success of the individual student as well as the Panther  Band Program.

3.  To build character and citizenship.

4.  To build team work.

5.  To build leadership skills.


School Supplies
All students must have the following every day for the entire school year:
        1.  Instrument and all its necessary equipment  (Mouthpiece, reeds, swab, valve oil, sticks, etc..)
        2.  1” black three-ring binder with pockets for music and warm-ups
3.  Standard of Excellents Band Method – 5th Grade Book One
4.  Small plastic hand held mirror
        5.  Pencils (No pens)
        6.  Some notebook paper
        7.  Pencil bag (To place in binder for mirror and other band supplies)

        These items are strongly encouraged but not required:
                - Dividers for the 1” black three ring binder 
                - Pocket metronome (for use at home) except percussion is required
- Folding wire music stand (for use at home)
- Tuner (for use at home)       
                - Practice mute (For Trumpet and Trombone only...So you can practice without anyone being able to hear you.  
                                                    Parents will  LOVE this item!!!!!)
                       - B.E.R.P. - Brass Only

This unique product combines resistance and the ability to finger notes to the standard practice technique of mouthpiece buzzing resulting in a stronger embouchure, endurance and range.The BERP is the favorite practice aid of 50,000 brass professionals and students worldwide! Clamps firmly onto the open end of the receiver, with the mouthpiece removed. The clamp is designed to tighten around a round, hex or convex shaped opening. On some receivers which have an oversize ring at the opening, it may be necessary to push the clamp past that before tightening down. Most people prefer the Ultimate BERP to be lined up parallel to the receiver at the "three o'clock" position. You may experiment with it in other positions to determine what is best for you. Once the BERP is firmly attached, you can then alternate easily between buzzing and playing your instrument by switching the mouthpiece.

1. Build embouchure, endurance and range
2. Achieve a fatter sound with drop-dead intonation
3. Practice quietly with normal resistance and no back pressure
4. Fit any brand/model of instrument

        Recommended Equipment
Flute -         Tuning rod and soft cleaning cloth

                Bassoon -       2 medium reeds
                                Reed case
Oboe            2 medium-soft reeds
Reed case (with capacity to hold at least 3 reeds)

                Clarinet -      Vandoren 5RV Lyre mouthpiece
                                Bonade Inverted ligature
                                Mouthpiece cap
                                1 box of Vandoren size 2 1/2 reeds for 5th grade
                                1 box of Vandoren size 3 reeds for 6th grade
                                LaVoz Reed Guard
                                 Silk Cleaning Swab
                                Cork grease

                Alto Sax -      Selmer C* S80 or VAndoren Optima AL3 mouthpiece
                                Bonade Intverted ligature for C* or BG Inverted ligature for the AL3
                                Mouthpiece cap
                                1 box of Vandoren size 2 1/2 reeds for 5th grade
                                 1 box of Vandoren size 3 reeds for 6th grade
                                Silk Cleaning Swab
                                Neck strap
                                LaVoz Reed Guard
                                Cork grease
                                 Mouthpiece brush

          Cornet -     Bach 5C mouthpiece
                                 Al Cass valve oil
                                Tuning slide grease (Selmer red stuff)

                French Horn -   Bach 7 or Farkas MC mouthpiece
                                Rotary valve oil
                                Tuning slide grease (Selmer red stuff)

                Trombone -      Bach 6 1/2 AL small bore mouthpiece
                                Trombotine slide cream (No slide oil !!)
                                Small water spray bottle
                                Tuning slide grease (Selmer red stuff)

                Baritone -      Bach 6 1/2 AL small bore mouthpiece
                                Al Cass valve oil
                                Tuning slide grease (Selmer red stuff)
Tuba -          Conn Helleberg  mouthpiece
Al Cass valve oil
Tuning slide grease (Selmer red stuff)

Percussion -    Percussion Kit, contains Bells and Practice Pad
                        (You do not need a snare drum)
                 Vic Firth SD1 General Snare Drum Sticks
                Malletech BB34 Blue Mallets (Bob Becker)
                Stick bag
                 Standard of Excellents – Snare drum and Mallet Book combine
                       Pocket metronome                          

When choosing a music store to do business with, we recommend that you choose one that has all three of these criteria:

1.        Offers rent to own
2       .. Has a repair shop in house
3       . Has a representative that visits the school on a regular basis

How To Obtain Your Instrument

1.  Rent or Buy?

Students are encouraged to rent an instrument until they are ready to commit to a step-up model.  Renting also makes it easier to trade in for a better quality model when the time comes.

When selecting an instrument dealer, check to see if they offer:
- Instruments and supplies from the School Supplies listed earlier (We compiled the recommended list of reputable instruments as well as accessories.  They are great in quality and also very affordable.)
                - Rent to Own
                - Free Maintenance or repair
                - Insurance
                - Upgrades in quality or size
- Representatives who visit Grangerland Intermediate to service the instrument.

If you plan to purchase an instrument - a reputable dealer will allow you to take the instrument to the band directors on approval so that it may be evaluated.

2.  What if we cannot afford to rent or buy an instrument?

The school owns limited instruments that may be checked out to students for the year for a maintenance fee of $75.  This maintenance fee will be used to cover the costs of minor repairs throughout the year and is non-refundable.  You will still need to purchase the required mouthpiece and accessories associated with the instrument.  (See recommended list.)


Band Hall

1.  No loud or excessive talking
        (Use an indoor voice)

2.  No running or horseplay

3.  No food or drink of any kind at any time
(Particularly gum, candy, sodas)

4.  Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

5.  No handling of anyone’s equipment except your own



Class Rules and


1.  Respect the Band Hall as well as each other

2.  Get your Music and Instrument then go straight to your seat

3.  Stay in seat unless instructed to leave

4.  Check agenda on board and prepare quietly for class

5.  Do not play instrument unless instructed to do so

6.  Raise your hand and wait patiently for permission to speak


Band Violations


1.      Verbal Warning

2.      Written Warning/Classroom Violation
          & Phone call to Parents

3.  Removal From Classroom for one day  (time out)
        & Phone call to Parents

4.      Discipline Referral/Phone call to Parents

Serious or persistent violations may result in removal from band



Grades will be based on the following criteria:
- playing tests                        - Participation 
          - performances                     - Written assignments
                            - chair tests                      - Ensemble rehearsal skills     
   - skill/music playoff               - Practice Records

Performances - Students are required to attend all performances.  Each performance will count as two major test grades.  Failure to attend performances will result in removal from the Band program the following year.

Playing Test - Students will take part in a written or playing test every Friday.  The composition of these tests may be announced in advance or will come from materials covered in class the previous week.  After each test, second semester students and above may be placed in chair order.  Test grades may always be “made up” in case of an excused absence.  However, the seating may not be “made up” to ensure fairness to all participants.  

Practice Records - Practice records are intended to provide the student, parent and band director with a systematic record of the effort expended in practice.  The interest and concern of the parent in the progress and development of musical skills is vital.  Practice records are due every Friday at the start of class time.  Records will be considered incomplete without a parent signature and will be returned to the student.  Late records will be accepted with a penalty of ten points per day.  Students who are absent on the day records are due may submit them the next day without penalty.  Time spent in director-approved private lessons may be used toward a students total practice time.   The secret to success in any skill area is regular and systematic practice.  Instruments are to go home EVERYDAY.

Practice Only On The Days You Eat !!


School Instrument Usage and Care
        School owned instruments are available on a very limited basis.  School owned instruments carry a maintenance fee of $75 that covers the entire school year and is non-refundable.  In addition, students using a school instrument must purchase required accessories for use with instrument.  Please refer to Band Supply Recommended List on each instrument.   An instrument will not be provided to the student until the fee has been paid and all forms have been turned in. (Unless special arrangements have been made through one of the band directors.)  Students that are issued school owned instruments are responsible for the care and upkeep throughout the year.  Musical instruments are expensive and very fragile.  Everyone who takes part in renting a school-owned instrument must be aware of the policies that come with it.  School equipment is checked out in working condition and students will be held responsible for damages that occur under their care, other than normal wear and tear.

Instrument Repair
        Students must bring a note from home if an instrument is in the repair shop to avoid grade penalties.  Students using school-owned instruments are expected to pay for any repairs that are not normal wear and tear.  Most instrument repairs needed are due to negligence and mishandling of the instrument.  All students are asked to be very careful with their instruments at all times.  Musical instruments are very delicate and should never be treated like a toy.  Please have students keep their mouthpiece and reeds.

Name Tags
        Students are required to have name tags on their instrument cases at all times.  This is to ensure that the right instrument is with the correct person when it goes out of the band hall.  Name tags will be provided early in the year by the band directors.

Instrument Storage
        All instruments (school or personal) can be kept in assigned instrument storage lockers or shelves.  Do not leave equipment or music on the band hall floor.  Instruments are to go home everyday after school. CISD or CISD personel are not responsible for student instrument/property stored in the band hall.

Music Storage
        Students should keep all music in a their band folder, a 1” black three ring binder with pockets.  Please label each folder with the student’s name and class.  Students are to keep their music in their assigned music storage locker or shelf during the school day.

Percussion Equipment
        Only percussionists are allowed to handle percussion equipment.  All percussionists are responsible for setting up, putting away, and properly maintaining equipment.

Beginner Instruments
        Beginner band students will be asked to leave their instruments in the band hall for the first several weeks of class.  Musical instruments can be an expensive investment.  In order to protect your investment, it is very important that the students wait until they are taught by their directors on how to handle and play their instrument.  We hope you will understand our reasoning behind asking the beginner students to keep their instruments at school.  It will save a great deal of money and pain!  

Before/After School Band Hall Practice
1)  Before school practice is at the discretion of the directors and will require a hall pass.  The Band Directors will be using this time to prepare for the upcoming school day as well as providing individual tutorials.
2)  Directors will announce when the band hall will be open for after school practice time.  

        Grangerland Intermediate Band T-Shirt with Blue Jeans are worn
for most performances, special events and on designated school days.  
Band T-Shirts can be ordered after the Band Fund Raiser.
Band T-Shirts are free to students who raise a determine Dollar amount.

        There will be a fundraisers during the year to help raise funds to support the Grangerland Panther Band program.  We are very excited about the number of students choosing to be a part of the Panther Band.  However, with the band program growing, it is important that we have enough instruments and supplies to support our growth.  (Our goal is for each student to have his/her own instrument and supplies rather than having to share.)  Therefore, money raised through our fundraisers will be used for purchasing supplies, instruments, music, and equipment.  

Band Trips
There will be opportunities to go on one or more trips throughout the year.  In order to attend these band trips, students must adhere to the following:

- Must have turned in permission slip for designated trip
- Have at least a 90% Participation grade in band
-  Must participate in Grangerland Band Concerts/Performances
ISS consequences
If a student receives a Discipline Referral that results in a minimum of one full day in ISS, the student will be unable to participate in Band field trips unless a parent/legal guardian
accompanies the student.

All student participation will be at the discretion of the band directors

Concert Commitment

        A band is a performing musical organization.  It is through performance and preparation for performance that a great deal of learning occurs.  We think of our concerts as final projects or final exams.  Several concerts are scheduled throughout the year.  Each of these will be required and count as a major grade for the nine-week period during which they occur.  The only valid excuse for missing a performance is a death in the immediate family or severe personal illness.  We realize there may be other emergency circumstances beyond your control that can come up in the course of the year.  These emergencies will certainly be excused; however, we are asking that you communicate with us about the situation.  Many times solutions are found for potential conflicts.  Unexcused absences constitute a zero as a major grade.

We want to try to instill in the students a sense of commitment to a group.  We want them to understand the important role they play in the overall outcome of a performance.  The musicians in a band count on each other to play confidently and to perform to the best of their ability.  The whole team is affected when any one musician is missing!  We want to teach the students dedication, responsibility and integrity.



Grangerland Intermediate Band Calendar 2015-16

September    11       -     Band Handbook Signature Form due

November     2        -    Candle Fundraiser begins

November    16   -        Candle money turn in

October     TBA  -        Band T-shirt forms due

November     14  -       CISD Honor Band Tryouts (6th graders only)
                               Vogel Intermediate School

December       15  -       6th Grade Band Winter Concert
                           7:00pm,  Band T-Shirt
                           Grangerland Commons

January      TBA   -       CISD Honor Band rehearsals (Selected 6th graders only)
                         5:00-6:30 pm,  Collins Intermediate School
January    TBA     -      CISD Honor Band Rehearsal  (selected 6th graders only),  9:00 am-12 noon
                        Concert begins at 4:30 pm,
                                    White Dress Shirt and Black Pants
                        McCullough Junior High School Auditorium

February      TBA       -      Band/Group Picture               

April          9      -      Solo/Ensemble Contest (6th grade only)
                        Vogel Intermediate School

May           17     -          
                                     5th Grade End of the Year Concert and Awards
                          6:00pm, Band T-Shirt
                        Grangerland Commons

May           17   -       
                                   6th Grade End of the Year Concert and Awards
                        7:30pm, Band T-Shirt
                        Grangerland Commons

May        TBA    -               5th Grade Band Field Trip

May        TBA    -              6th Grade Band Field Trip

All of these dates and times are Tentative and are subject to change.

Band Handbook
Signature Form

Student Name: ________________________  Band Period: ________(Due by TBA )

I have read the handbook of the Grangerland Intermediate Band @

concerning the following policies:

- Band Hall Rules and Regulations

        - Class Rules and Regulations

- Grading

- Practice Records

           - Concert Commitments               

_____________________________           ____________________________
Student Signature       Date                    Parent Signature                Date


Parent E-Mail - If you have an e-mail account either at home or work, please provide it to us.  It is often more convenient to relay information to you with e-mail without having to interrupt your activities at home or work.

Parent e-mail address:  ____________________________________________
Student Name: _______________________  Band Period: ___________


Private Lesson Interest Form
This form is optional
Only turn in if wanting Private Lessons

        Private instruction can greatly enhance the students musical experience.  A secret to the success of many band programs is the participation in private lessons by many of its students.  We encourage but not require students to take private lessons.   The cost of  lessons varies depending on the teacher providing lessons.  Generally, lessons cost somewhere between $12 - $15 per half hour lesson and are given on a weekly basis.  
(Lesson times may be scheduled before, during and after school.  The lesson teacher will contact you directly to set up a schedule and provide you with a contract.)

________ YES !  We are interested in Private Lessons for our child.

        Instrument: _____________________________

        Home Phone:_____________________________


_____________________________           _____________________________
Student Signature       Date                    Parent Signature                Date


Grangerland Band
T-Shirt Order Form
(Due by Oct. TBA)

Student Name: _______________________  Band Period: ___________

My child's t-shirt size is:

        Child size    M _____    L_____

        Adult size    S_____            M_____          L_____          XL_____          XXL_____

Parents, you are more than welcome to get a shirt for yourselves.  Please indicate above to show the total number of shirts ordered.  Send $10 for each shirt with your band student by Oct. 26th.  If paying by check, please make it out to ‘Grangerland Intermediate Band.’
Your Band Student will receive a free shirt if he/she sold two items from the Band Fund Raiser.

Please return this form with your payment


Number of shirts ordered: _________
                                      x  $10.00
Total Amount Paid   $________

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Music Theory
Music Racer
Music Racer
Music Theory 2
Music Theory 2
Honor Band Music
Honor Band Music
TEA Fine Arts
TEA Fine Arts
Fine Arts Ed.
Fine Arts Ed.
Movie Themes
Movie Themes
Percussion Tutor
Percussion Tutor
Free Drum Lessons
Free Drum Lessons
"The President's Own" US Marine Band
United States Marine Band
"The President's Own"
"Airmen of Note" US Air Force Jazz Band
United States Air Force Jazz Band
"Airmen of Note"
CISD Honor Band Per. Video
INformation on Percussion Honor Band Audition Music
Percussion Audition
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